LogoIdea3Hello, my name is Teri Herman. I am the owner of The Blooming Vine, LLC. The Blooming Vine is a dream I have had for a long time. It is a blessing from God to allow me to do what I love…to create and design custom wreaths and floral arrangements.
I am married to my best friend, Tim, since 2006. We have adult twin son and daughter who are now living on their own. Professionally, I have been a RN since 1983 and a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner since 1996. I work in a busy OB-GYN office.
In my spare time, I design and create wreaths and floral arrangements. I have designed and created wreaths and floral arrangements for my family and friends for many years. I created my first wreath design when I was in high school for a class assignment during the Christmas season in a home economics class many years ago. My mother hung this wreath in her home until she finally retired the wreath several years ago when I made her another one for her birthday. The new wreath was a definite improvement from the first one I created in 1978. I realized at that time, I have a gift that could make people happy.

As time went by, my husband made a workshop in our basement for me to work. It is my “creative haven” to make my designs. I get lost in my work there. After encouragement from Tim and the rest of my family, I felt God was prodding me to start a business selling my work. Coming up with the name of my business was frustratingly difficult. For weeks, I searched my mind and nothing came that would fit my mission. I wanted to be used by God to share my talents for His Glory and I wanted a name for my business that would describe my business. One day during my bible study, I read in John 15, “I am the Vine and you are the branches”. I then realized “Vine” had to be in the name of my business. I remember hearing the phrase “bloom where you are planted” at a spiritual retreat several years ago. I wanted to bloom in this endeavor and I knew I would, if it was God’s will. “The Blooming Vine” was to be the name of this dream of mine.

My goal for The Blooming Vine, is to share my creations of wreaths and floral arrangements with those who enjoy decorating their homes. Also I want to provide gifts for every occasion that are beautiful and fun. "Delight Your World"!

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"I realized at that time, I have a gift that could make people happy."